Wood vs. Fibreglass Handles

When shopping for your next tool, you will be faced with a rather large dilemma - wood or fibreglass handle? For centuries wood has been the handle of choice, but with the invention of fibreglass came a strong and durable handle design that is now competing equally in the market.

Wood Handles
Wood handles are what you would have grown up with, your dad and Grandfather would have used wood handle axes when chopping up firewood or wood handle shovel or spade when digging. These tools stand the test of time and usually get handed down to the next generation. The disadvantage of wood is that obviously being a natural product it is prone to weathering, cracking and splitting - so ensuring your look after your tools by storing away from sunlight or damp areas when not in use will help them last longer. Wooden handles made of top quality material such as FSC Certified wood, are strong and resistant to rot or damage when properly maintained. Wood handles are also easy to replace or repair if they do get worn or damaged and can create less sweat build up in your hands . All Atlas Trade Wood Handle products are made of FSC Certified wood which is the management certification confirming that the forest the wood is harvested from is being managed in a way that preserves the natural ecosystem and benefits the lives of local people and workers, all while ensuring it sustains economically viability.

Fibreglass Handles
A good fibreglass handle can be more durable than wood as they can be left on the back of the truck in the rain or sun and you won’t have to worry about them weathering, cracking or splitting when exposed to the elements. Fibreglass handles help reduce shock with a softer grip and can flex while being pushed to their limits The disadvantages of fibreglass is that once broken it’s very hard to replace the handles.

Both wood and Fibreglass have their advantages and disadvantages and depending on your frequency of use and ability to maintain or look after the tool will depict the best tool for you.